Confined Expressions


Apparently, our college decided to conduct the end semester examination OFFLINE. The mode could have been surprising for us but it couldn’t because EXPERIENCE.

The announcement relocated me once again some 320km away from HOME (I would rather keep myself from mentioning the name of any place).

Prior to March 2020, I was rarely connected to this city, even though when I had been here for more than 21 months.

Familiar city once again made me encounter familiar strangers. But felt less loner. Or maybe I was just paranoid earlier.

My first arrival here in July 2018 went through some very unpleasant incidents which made me scream I DON’T BELONG HERE. I kept missing my friends and ex- roommate who were miles away.

However, with time my heart became less troubled but never settled wholly.

Making friends is not hard UNLESS THE BRAIN IS IN DENIAL. My intermediate years in hostel have made an extraordinary impact on how I think and act (no bullying or harassments involved). Thus, choosing the group of minds, I have to surround myself with, are preambles of my life. Still some cheat codes are permissible if these minds are beautiful and compelling enough.

Also, initiating conversations are not balls of my court, all I know is to retreat. But I believe this has seriously benefitted me. (KARMA obviously) My colleagues are just a bunch of perky people who inured every single moment of my stay gleeful.

The sudden change of heart for this place is also because we’ll soon bid our farewell and then leave with an uncertain future that may or may not hold a reunion. And 3 years of graduation would soon be concluded, initiating the journey of an Educated Unemployed (not kidding).

I was in denial to love this city; seems those DENIALS WERE DENIED!

Confined Expressions


Since last update in October I came up with a lot to write, but none reached its possible ending.

Zoom classes drained out my phone’s battery and consciousness at the break of dawn itself. So, any content that crossed my mind in between, eventually dropped off a station prior to the leisure time.

Finally, YOU-KNOW-WHO packed its suitcase and marked my 20 years of existence.

Honestly, I’m still clueless while writing this. Lot of things have been happening lately. Things, that even the brain has decided to leave unsorted. Things, that can never be expressed in words.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is always hard to write your heart out, probably harder when it’s in a mess.

And lately, enquiring around I found my friends and colleagues going through something similar or maybe worse than me.

Actually, problems and unfortunate scenarios do not have any degree of sadness.

What I mean by the degree is:

Breakup might won’t be big deal for me but same may won’t go with my partner. An artist’s demise might not be a big deal for everyone but the same may won’t go for you.

In simple terms: We relate and react to things differently based on our personal perception.

Some like to cry it out, other may pent it up. Some may deal in anger, but you make talk it out.

The way I see it, us human beings are an entity of hundreds of emotion and expression. Game of seconds and we sign off from cloud nine.

In conclusion all I have to say is we all are petrified at present and might be worse in near future.

But hope is all we can rely on and I honestly believe that:


Confined Expressions


This year is wilding on a whole another level. These past seven months included every subsection of The Laws of Emotions.

Like seriously, it’s making us confused, sad, irritated, depressed, and sometimes just sometimes courageous enough to smile. Still, I WANNA LEAVE THIS PLACE tops all these situations.  

INTERNET’s playing the greatest part in this period. It either maybe a Pandemic Update or the 8 a.m. zoom class, we are enveloped in the homogeneity of WORK FROM HOME culture like any other adult around Globe.

While tackling all these things in a day, there’s someone e-screaming. Almost tripping in blanket, we race up to the Drawing Room, and here it goes again.

Politicians verbally assaulting each other from their respective interview cells. They are the perfect satirical personification of Gandhiji’s BURA MAT BOLO MONKEY.

We, the youth of India perfectly represent the noun, BURA MAT SUNO MONKEY, as our ears itch for some crazy controversies rather than a debate on our drowning economy and global status.

The BURA MAT DEKHO MONKEY is obviously our Judiciary, as they have mastered themselves in neglecting evidences and playing the NEXT DATE games.

Look how enthusiastically are we following the Gandhian principle (Kanpurwala Dubey’s encounter), or the nouns like: INCREDIBLE INDIA (hiding our poverty with walls for THAT weirdo Donald Duck), UNITY IN DIVERSITY (Hindu girl marrying a Muslim boy is love jihad), THE GOLDEN SPARROW (-23.9% shrunken GDP), SECULAR INDIA (identifying the miscreants with their clothing), LARGEST DEMOCRACY (why is JNU silent tonight?)…

 A country of cultural diversities, India has bled enough due to Her own sons and daughters (do we even deserve these title?).

An aching mother can’t be a part of even our worst dreams. So, if we the YOUTH are doing the BURA MAT SUNO principle, let’s do this properly.

I too am a part of the mob so rather than directing you to do something I’ll end up my message here. We better ourselves know what we have to do, but SOONER.

Confined Expressions


Twenty years to this century and a lot of change has been already encountered. We developed in numerous regions and degraded in some too.

Seventh months to this year and we lost a lot of lives unexpectedly due to the imbalance in their emotional wellbeing.

And when the victims list started lengthening we decided to talk about the Dead.

This issue was always tasting the sourness of LIME until its darkness was seized by some other LIGHTS.

See, this society including me, we all are upgrading ourselves as a troller every single day. The difference is that some have already sped themselves and a lot of us are in the NEED FOR SPEED.

Talking about Bollywood, when a new actor debuts, he/she are judged by each of us on their looks, colour, nudity, affairs, family backgrounds, and what not?

And if it’s a celebrity kid we flood them all over with the mud of nepotism.

See, thrashing nepotism’s fine. But why only the film industry.

A doctor’s child become a doctor, is it nepotism?

A priest’s son (Sorry no daughters allowed in this business) become a priest, is it nepotism?

An engineer’s child become an engineer, is it nepotism too?

A farmer’s child… Oh! sorry no one wants to be a farmer, it’s just the situation which makes one, but is it nepotism?

When we see these kind of pairs, it isn’t nepotism but a hierarchical fantasy, talent or compulsion for us. Like “Gujaratis have business in their blood.”

Although most of the time these Celeb- kids aren’t as talented, but blaming them all for nepotism, sending rape threats, leaking their personal information is first of all none of our business and also criminality of high degree.

South Indian film industries rarely face such issues because there’s always a sense of pride and limits between the actors and the audience.

We are always an audience but when a critique we should remember we are grading the character and the performance not the actor personally.

Maybe this can flatten chart of THE HATE WE GIVE.

Confined Expressions


What a year! Anyways I have changed the four digits representing this year to “You Know Who” in my calendar. I mean, yes, those numbers together look scary by now.

This pandemic, anti- racism campaigns, natural calamities, mental health issues, etc. has been hovering around us and we have still completed only half of You Know Who’s marathon.

Yesterday Grandpa was reading an article in the newspaper. He asked me if I remember five African students being assaulted by a mob in India, a forgotten case of 2017. While going through numerous articles, I realized what we have been missing for all these years.

Although #BLM is campaigned all over in the world and in India too, still there are things we are not considering or precisely I would say, trying to be unknown about.

Black peoples, generally known in India as Africans and Nigros (which they find abusive), face a lot of ups and downs here. A lot of African students every year, come to India to pursue higher educations. During their stay, they face a lot of discrimination, assault, racist remarks, etc.

A lot of them go back to their home-countries, even before graduating as a result of above mentioned or some other kind of racial treatments.

This is toxic!

Who are we to devastate someone else’s life?

Being black is not a crime. Black live matters. Black, black and black…..

It’s really easy to post a story or share a post on such issues for especially us INDIANS (and since I’m a legal citizen of India too, I believe I have the right to call out all my fellow brothers and sisters).

But what we post or share, should be done after keeping in mind, this:

May 22, 2016: Murder of Masonda Ketada Olivier by a group of people in New Delhi.

March 28, 2017: A young Kenyan woman was pulled out from a taxi and thrashed by a mob.

March 29, 2017: 2 Nigerian students were attacked by a group of people, while shopping in a mall.

November, 2018: A mob attacked 6 African nationalists in Delhi’s Dwarka, accusing them of being man-eaters.

We all know who is a man-eater, after going through hundreds of these similar cases.
Our belief of being superior than any African is totally wrong. We both were colonies of the British Empire and fought for our freedom and independence.

Just holing placards and trending hashtags would only make headlines. But headlines are afterall headlines they don’t mean to everyone. They just signify a particular issue or community of this society.

All issues are equal and as well as the communities, even if they represent any further nationality than ours.

MAKING DENTS , this is the era of MAKING MARKS even if they become scars.


SCARS are the signature to CHANGE.

Confined Expressions

Distancing and Yearning

By the time you are reading this, we all hate this year. It was not so great start but comparing to the last three months of 2019 everything went well.

In twenty years of my Bhool Bhulaiya life, I never felt time passing like The Wednesday. It feels like we celebrated the new year maybe decades ago.

In these hard times amid losing lives with Covid-19, we lost dearly and talented souls too. Migrants walked out from metropolitans like refugees marching to somewhere they only went for marriage or festivals. If you heard the term “walking dead” this plight of these people personifies it.

For more than three months we were inside our houses and after the unlock, still we are in there, seizing sofas.

The distancing norms were implemented still we are moving on with a turtle-pace anyway.

Have you guys ever noticed how many times you look onto your phone’s wallpaper everyday by the last time you changed it? Two times? Three times? Maybe not more than five in a day, I guess.

This is big, you know. The picture might would be of yours, your parents, your friend/ partner, your favourite artist or some kind of art. But see the thing is when you saved it as your homescreen you kept checking it out every now and then. Aimlessly, pointing if its ok or not, you did. We all do.

But if you notice this, after 4-5 days or a week you were unbothered about it. Now as you are reading this you just realized that even using the phone for hours by today you rarely noticed the homescreen wallpaper.

Amusing, isn’t it?

And that was because we were too close to it for all this time. We don’t realize things and people getting distant from us when we are often around each other. But a summer vacation to home ignites the longings for our hostel-mates.

This is what distancing has given us. In my case it’s hard to survive being without books for a single day. So nowadays my only escape is my laptop with hundreds of book PDFs.

I never knew I was this obsessed with the hardcopy reading. At first it was tough to go through the soft copies, staring on the screen and all, but its fine by now.

With clothing of one week, being book- broke and resting my soul in the fathomless music ocean, I have conquered distancing.

Distancing being ironical has paved our ways to be close and yearn for things which were earlier around us but we never cared. It either be a person, a thing, the nature, some sort of passion or anything which we feel we had become distant prior to the pandemic.

It’s the time to revive whatever flaw it may be.

Confined Expressions


I was grinning on my phone’s screen when grandpa came to me and was like, “This thing has made you guys vulnerable. A day will come someone would get electrocuted behind you but you would get its update by this so called not so smart…. phone.”

I showed him a meme which was the reason behind that situation. He stormed back, “Okay and now who is he?”
“I don’t know, it’s just a meme.”

Before he fired some more rounds of questions I told him what memes are and showed him some of it. With a brief pause he asked me how much are these people featuring in memes, paid.

“They are not paid or anything. It’s not a job, people make memes from photos, videos or incidents happening around the world and they share it so others can enjoy, relate, like and share.”

Widening his eyes, “So I can make memes on myself too. Or who else would make memes on me, it’s a matter of consent after all.”

I was out of words. Something hit me very hard from inside. I felt like WHAT AM I DOING, IT’S THE MATTER OF CONSENT, NO ONE EVER ASKS FOR A CONSENT FROM THE FEATURED PEOPLE.

This was bad. I googled out numerous cases where people reported their lives being ruined because of a meme. They never permitted anyone to do so. In some cases, the result was a lot positive but most of the time, probably 7 out of 10 times the results were so bad that it became a mental trauma for them. Their livelihood was disturbed a lot too. Getting spied and leak of home and work address, getting wrong number calls and rumours all over was everyday’s business.

We keep scrolling from one meme to another every day. It’s like our favourite leisure time. We laugh, share and forget it but what we are most ignorant about, is the person (if any) in the meme.

Memes came in existence for creating awareness to being sarcastic and laughing aid, unknowingly are becoming a threat. People featured here become victims of violence, abuse, fake news and their privacy is just a namesake.

Change is not an easy but primary. It would take some efforts but such hate spreading medium shouldn’t get place in our society. Before sharing, liking or making any meme we would have to ask ourselves: WHAT IF THIS PHOTO OR VIDEO WAS OF MINE? WOULD IT EFFECT TO THEM BADLY OR EITHER WAY?

You get the answer, follow the answer.

Confined Expressions

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Confined Expressions


Hello readers,
So by now we have completed one-fifth of 21st century successfully? Each and every year since 2000 has been like a different shade of rainbow. A lot of things changed and a lot have to, in the near future.

So here I’m to talk about some crucial topics that need more light, than they are in right now. My name is Kaushambi Srivastava. I’m an undergraduate student, pursuing B.Com at present.

My Grandpa always says there’s no age to learn something new and no job can stop you in performing your passion until and unless you know the golden rule of TIME MANAGEMENT. So here I’m to serve you dear readers, with my skills and words by keeping in mind the value of your time.
Stay tuned till then for further updates. I’ll do my best.